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Sharada Tilaka Tantra

Sharada Tilaka Tantra/ शारदातिलकतन्त्र / শারদাতিলক তন্ত্রম্ Chapter 1 Discusses cosmogony and embryology 1. Definition of mahaH / shabda brahmaNa 2. Process of creation - bindu, nADa, shabda brahmaNa Chapter 2 1. Evolution of cosmic sound 2. mantravAda 3. Definition of a good guru and shishya Chapter 3 Rites to be performed before initiation like vAsty-yAga, site selction for maNDapa, its construction, directions on how to draw yantra etc Chpater 4 Discusses all aspects of initiation Chapter 5 1. Initiation 2. homa Chapter 6 Meditation on alphabet and its deities a. devI mAtRRikA or sarasvatI b. dhyAna of shAradA, ardhanArIshavara etc c. importance of brAhmI sAga Chapter 7 Meditation on alphabet and its deities a. bhUtalipi mantra b. lipitaru c. viyat yantra, vAyaviya yantra etc d. Rules of conduct of worshipper of Sarasvati Chapter 8 lakShmI a.5 dhyana mantras and associated rules, yantras b.Rules of conduct of worshipper of Lakshmi Chapter

Prapanchasara Tantra

Prapanchasara tantra / प्रपञ्चसार तन्त्र / প্রপঞ্চসার তন্ত্র The Prapanchasara Tantra is a celebrated Tantrik text generally attributed to Shri Shankaracharya . Prapancha means the 5 basic elements of our Universe - Ether, Air, Fire, Water and Earth. Prapanchasara Tantra is therefore the Science of the Essence of the 5 Basic Elemental Principles. Prapanchasara is an authoritative Tantra text. It is cited as such by Raghava Bhatta, who wrote the famed commentary (Bhashya) on Sharadatilaka Tantra , authored by Lakshmanacharya. It is referred by Kalicharana in his notes on the ShatChakara-nirupana. Commentaries of Prapanchasara Tantra include. Prapanchasara Sambandha Dipika Prapanchasara Vivarana Prapanchasara Sarasangraha Below is a summary of Prapanchasara Tantra. In order to download please visit DLI website . Chapter 1 1. Deals with the origin of the world and the nature of existence 2. Discussion on the two basic principles - Purusha and Prakriti 3. Discu