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saMkhya - From the Ground Up - Part 1

All around us we find Gross Objects. These objects are perceived through our five senses (smell, taste, vision, touch and hearing). Not all senses are used in the identification of each and every object; a sub-set of senses is sufficient. Based on empirical observations it has been observed that gross objects may be classified into 5 groups known as elements: a. kShiti b. ap c. tejas d. marut and e. vyoman kShiti - Objects which may be smelt, tasted, seen, felt and heard ex. earth ap - Objects which may be tasted, seen, felt and heard ex. water tejas - Objects which may be seen, felt and heard ex. fire marut - Objects which may be felt and heard ex. wind vyoman - Objects which may be heard Each type of object is more subtle than the previous one. Note: atom = tan-matra kShiti-element = ap-element + smell-atom ap-element = tejas-element + taste-atom tejas-element = marut-element + vision-atom marut-element = vyoman-element + texture-atom vyoman-element = audio-atom Atoms as a group can