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Early Dates in Vedic Texts

An unbiased reading of the Vedic corpus will throw up some rather early dates. These early dates in Vedic texts are quite in keeping with the ancient historical traditions preserved in our Vedic heritage - however many Western indologists, and Leftist academicians disregard such early dates and prefer to follow timelines of the theoretical so-called Aryan Invasion Theory (a.k.a Arya Migration Theory or Aryan Trickle-In theory), hereinafter referred to as the AIT.

Survey of Indian Mathematics over the Ages

In this post, I have done a Survey of Indian Mathematics over the Ages starting from Yajur Veda, through Sulba Sutras, Aryabhata, Brahmagupta, Kerala School upto Shrinivasa Ramanujam.  Indian Mathematics has had a glorious development over the ages since the most ancient times. Hindu Mathematciains gave the world 0 and the place value system - the basis of modern science and technology. Yet they never asked for or received any credit for their work. Why did Indian Mathematics decline after 11th Century CE? This is a common question that many people ask - why did Indian Mathematics decline with the advent of Islam in India? Let us see if we can answer the question. Mathematics in India developed in parallel to Greek and Babylonian tradition, although there were interactions and collaborations between these civilizations from time to time. However, Hindu Mathematics suffered a devastating set-back from 10th century AD with the advent of Islamic rule. This happened because