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  1. Do you have the full pronam montro of Jagahdatri Puja?
    Om Singhoskondadi Songrurang Probitinim
    Chokroncho ponchobanoscho dahyetyang bhobhotinim.....

  2. I want to learn Kali puja and do it by myself from 2017. Please let me know the process

  3. Dear sir ,

    You have inspired me to go back to my roots of my grand and great grand parents who were shakti upasak from Bengals . I learnt from you a lot and started doing the rituals of nitya puja to the shaligram shila which has been passed onto me. Now I feel it's imperative to learn things very seriously , there are some things that I'm still very clueless about .so, please help me .
    My first query is what is the rishyadinyas of lord Shiva and Vishnu ? Which I haven't fount yet after going through a lot of books available locally .
    Second query is can I use jalshankha for vishesharghya while doing shiv puja ?

    Waiting for your generous insight

    Thanking you
    Pinakpani bhattacharjee

  4. Just saw you site ... liked it ... didnot know that new age Bongs new about mantras and sholkas ... had been forced to look up Non Bengali sites to learn about them ... your comment abt new age bongs and their hatred for all things Hindu is very apt ... to cut a long comment short ... thank you for your posts ... will be reading it up regularly ..

  5. any book/author you suggest to learn all about Vedas and Hinduism, prefereably in English... Any idea about the books written by Bibek Debroy on vedas

  6. Thank you for quoting me on Saam Ved. I am Kauthuma Shakha practitioner of Saam Ved and Dhrupad Vocalist. Keep in touch.

  7. I always wanted to know why Kali puja is so prevelant in Bengal and not in any other state. Secondly, why Islam spread so much in Bengal, more than even in UP and Bihar?

  8. hi
    can you give me information about different nyasa -- antar matruka etc