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Classification of the Shaiva Canon

The Shaiva canon can be divided as follows: a. shaivasiddhAnta b. bhUta and gAruDa tantras c. vAma tantras d. bhairava tantras e. Others - pAshupatas,kapAlikas, kaulas shaivasiddhAnta  - The Siddhanta belongs to the Upper current, spoken by the Upper face  - There are 28 principal siddhAntAgamas and ~200 upAgamas associated with them  - These texts are largely concerned with worship of sadAshiva in li~nga form  - Descriptions of the temples, li~nga and iconic forms of the gods and goddesses of the siddhAnta constitute an important part of these Agamas.  - Details of rituals  - regular daily rites as well as occasional ones such as consecration ceremonies and festivals  - initiation of the neophyte into this form of shaivism or the priesthood  - primarily concerned with ritual and devote relatively little space to philosophical matters or even yoga  - the philosophical standpoint of these Tantras can, broadly speaking, be said to be a dualism of a mo