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Adya Stotram - Part 01

Adya Stotram

ॐ नम आद्यायै ।
शृणु वत्स प्रवक्ष्यामि आद्या स्तोत्रं महाफलम्ः ।
यः पठेत्ः सततं भक्त्या स एव विष्णुवल्लभः ॥ १॥
मृत्युर्व्याधिभयं तस्य नास्ति किञ्चित्ः कलौ युगे ।
अपुत्रा लभते पुत्रं त्रिपक्षं श्रवणं यदि ॥ २॥
द्वौ मासौ बन्धनान्मुक्ति विप्रर्वक्त्रात्ः श्रुतं यदि ।
मृतवत्सा जीववत्सा षण्मासं श्रवणं यदि ॥ ३॥
नौकायां सङ्कटे युद्धे पठनाज्जयमाप्नुयात्ः ।
लिखित्वा स्थापयेद्ःगेहे नाग्निचौरभयं क्वचित्ः ॥ ४॥

আদ্যা স্তোত্র

ঔং নম আদ্যায়ৈ |
শৃণু বত্স প্রবক্ষ্যামি আদ্যা স্তোত্রং মহাফলমঃ |
যঃ পঠেতঃ সততং ভক্ত্যা স এব বিষ্ণুবল্লভঃ || ১||
মৃত্যুর্ব্যাধিভয়ং তস্য নাস্তি কিঞ্চিতঃ কলৌ যুগে |
অপুত্রা লভতে পুত্রং ত্রিপক্ষং শ্রবণং যদি || ২||
দ্বৌ মাসৌ বন্ধনান্মুক্তি বিপ্রর্বক্ত্রাতঃ শ্রুতং যদি |
মৃতবত্সা জীববত্সা ষণ্মাসং শ্রবণং যদি || ৩||
নৌকায়াং সঙ্কটে যুদ্ধে পঠনাজ্জয়মাপ্নুয়াতঃ |
লিখিত্বা স্থাপয়েদঃগেহে নাগ্নিচৌরভয়ং ক্বচিতঃ || ৪||

auM nama AdyAyai |
shR^iNu vatsa pravaxyAmi AdyA stotraM mahAphalamH |
yaH paThetH satataM bhaktyA sa eva viShNuvallabhaH || 1||
mR^ityurvyAdhibhayaM tasya nAsti ki~nchitH kalau yuge |
aputrA labhate putraM tripaxaM shravaNaM yadi || 2||
dvau mAsau bandhanAnmukti viprarvaktrAtH shrutaM yadi |
mR^itavatsA jIvavatsA ShaNmAsaM shravaNaM yadi || 3||
naukAyAM sa~NkaTe yuddhe paThanAjjayamApnuyAtH |
likhitvA sthApayedHgehe nAgnichaurabhayaM kvachitH || 4||

Listen child, as I narrate to you, the great virtues of the Adya Stora.
Whoever reads this Stotram with constant devotion, will definitely become Lord Vishnu's favorite.
This hymn destroys the fear of death and sickness, in this Age of Kali (Kali Yuga).
A childless lady will conceive a child if she reads this Hymn for three fortnights.
A person who listens to his hymn for two months from a Brahmin shall attain liberation from all form of bindings.
(Women who have a propensity to give birth to still-born children) shall given birth to healthy children, if she listens to this Hymn for 6 months.
Victory may be assured for one who reads this Hymn, be it on boat (in water) or in times of distress or in times of war.
If this hymn is written and placed in one's home, there shall not be any threat of fear of fire or theft.


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