Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Nasadiya Sukta - Part 04

Sloka 4

Continued from Part 3
kAmastadagre samavartatAdhi | manaso retaH prathamaM yadAsIt |
sato bandhumasati niravindanna | hRudi pratIShyA kavayo manIShA || 4 ||

kAmas tat agre sama vartata adhi.
manaso retaH prathamaM yat asIt.
sato bandhuma sati na ira vindan hridhi prati ishya kavayo manIsha.

Desire was first (created), by It's same-motion (vibration).
This was the Primal seed (of desire) in the mind.
The relation/ connection/ join between existence and non-existence, they (the Seers) found out,
by reflecting (on the matter) in their heart, and have accepted (this).

Words used in Sandhi Analysis

kAma - Desire
agre - at first
sama - same
vartat - motion (root - vrit)
sama-vartat - same-motion or repeated motion = vibration (probably the Seer is trying to draw a parallel to the process of biological pro-creation)
adhi - from it/ over/ above
manaso - In the mind
retaH - Sperm / seed
maniSha - reflection
bandhum - Tie/ Fetter/ Chain (infinitive)
pratishati - acceptance
ira - to go
vindati - to find

To be continued in Part 5

Subhodeep Mukhopadhyay (2011)

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