Friday, January 21, 2011

Nasadiya Sukta - Part 05


Continued from Part 4
tirashchIno vitato rashmireShAmadhaH | svidAsI duparisvidAsI |
retodhA AsanmahimAn Asanna | svadho avastAt prayatiH parastAt || 5 ||

tiras chIno vitato rashmiH eShaA madhaH
svit Asit upari svit Asit
reto dhA Asan mahimAn Asanna svadho avastAt prayatIH parastAt

The cord (or connection between existence and non-existence referred to in the previous sloka) or rays, cut accross and spread in all directions (in the middle or perhaps above). It was insemination (of existence) by the Great Self, above and below.

Words Used in Sandhi Analysis
tiras - Across
chinnati / chid - cut through,
vitati - diffuse, expand, spread
rashmi - ray of light/ cord
esha - this
madhaH - middle
svit - perhaps
retodhya - Insemination
Asan - they were
mahimAn - Great One
avastAt - below
prayati - giving
parasTat - futher away/ above

As is evident, the imagery still seems to be that of biological pro-creation as in Sloka 4.

The Self spread out it's influence and inseminated with existence all the non-existent.

To be continued in Part 6

Subhodeep Mukhopadhyay (2011)

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