Friday, August 12, 2011

Rig Veda - Tha Ratha - 01

The Rig Vedic "ratha" translated often as "vehicle" or "chariot" is not the same as the European horse-drawn chariot.

It is variously described as:

pRRithu - "broad" (1.123.1)
bRRihat - "tall, big" (6.61.13)
variShTha...vandhura - " space" (6.47.9)
trivandhura - "three seated" (1.41.2; 7.71.4; etc)
aShTavandhura - "eight seated" (10.53.7)

The only real-life, not mythological, ratha in a race is mentioned in 10.102 and this is pulled by oxen.

The Rig Veda does not make a single mention of a real-life battle with horse-drawn rathas.

Source:Nicholas Kazanas

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