Monday, September 19, 2011

Vaisheshika - 02

The principal question that Vaisheshika answers is: "What are the basic realities of Nature?"

The sole interest is to analyze and synthesize the world of experience, striving to explain rationally the true nature of things. The method of observation by which the characteristics of the nine Eternal Realities can be known is thus defined as:

The Supreme God (results) from the knowledge, produced by a particular dharma, of the essence of      
i. the Predicables [Padarthas],
ii. Subatance [Dravya],
iii. Attribute [Guna],
iv. Action [Karma],
v. Genus [ Samanya],
vi. Species [Vishesha], and
vii. Combinations [samavaya]

Attribute, Action, Genus and Species exist because of the Substance in which they inhere. Combination is inherently linked with Substance. Substance is the foundation of the Universe and is resolved into nine Eternal Realities.

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