Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Vaisheshika - 03

a. The purpose of Vaisheshika is to explain Dharma.

b. Dharma is that which gives prosperity (abhyudaya) and ultimate good (niHshreyasa).

c. The validity of the Vedas depends on the fact that it leads us to prosperity and salvation.

d. Salvation comes as a result of real knowledge, produced by special excellence of Dharma, of the characteristic features of the categories of substance  (dravya), quality (gunas), class concept (sAmAnya), particularity (viShesha), and inherence (samavAya).

e. The dravyas are - earth, water, fire, air, ether, time, space, soul and mind, which again are classified into three sub-groups:
i. Non-atomic unitary eternal - ether, time, space

ii. Composed of indivisible atoms - earth, water, fire, air
iii. Eternal - Self
iv. Eternal but of Atomic dimension - Manas

f. The gunas are color, taste, odor, touch, number, measure, separations, contact, disjoining, quality of belonging to high genus or to species

g. Action (karma) means upward movement, downward movement, contraction, expansion and horizontal movement

h. The three common qualities of dravya, guna and karma are that they are
i. existent, non-eternal, substantive, effect, cause
ii. possess generality
iii. possess particularity

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