Thursday, September 22, 2011

Vaisheshika - 05 - Dravya, Guna, Karma

Dravya produces other Dravya.
Guna produces other gunas.
Karma is not necessarily produced by Karma.

Dravya does not destroy either its cause or effect.
Gunas are destroyed both by cause and effect.
Karma is destroyed by Karma.

Dravya possess karma and guna and is regarded as the material cause (samavAyi).
Gunas inhere in dravya, cannot possess further gunas, and are not by themselves the cause of contact or disjoining.
Karma is devoid of guna, cannot remain at one time in more than one object, inheres in dravya alone, and is an independent cause of contact or disjoining.

Dravya is the material cause of derivative dravyas, guna and karma.
Guna is also the non-material cause of dravya, guna and karma.
Karma is the general cause of contact, disjoining and inertia in motion.

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