Friday, September 23, 2011

Vaisheshika - 06

All Paramanus have certain General Qualities in common, but that does not enable us to isolate and comprehend the ultimate variables out of which all things are made.

Paramanus are thus classified based on  four special qualities (Vishesha-s):
a. Odor / gandha
b. Flavor / rasa
c. Form / rUpa
d. Touch / sparsha

Therefore to classify the different kinds of matter it is necessary to find that form of matter from which:
a. odor cannot be eliminated
b. flavor cannot be eliminated
c. form cannot be eliminated
d. touch cannot be eliminated
without destroying its very basic nature.

Only Paramanus are considered real because they are eternal. They are those:
a. which originate odor
b. which originate flavor
c. which originate form
d. which originate touch

The different basic classes of matter are thus:
a. Earth which possesses: odor, flavor, form, touch
b. Water possesses: flavor, form, touch
c. Fire possesses: form, touch
d. Air possesses: touch

The movement is thus from the gross to the subtle.

The senses are made of the same paramanu-s that produce the respective Qualities. Because of this we are able to resolve the entire objective world of sensible matter in terms of odor, flavor, form and touch.

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