Sunday, September 25, 2011

Vaisheshika - 08 - Atman

Then what about consciousness?

Consciousness involves two entities - the perceiver and the perceived. This condition of "I-ness" or "Self" or "Soul" is what is now addressed. Where does this reality reside?
This necessitates another higher level of subtle Reality - Atman or Self where consciousness resides.

That Atman is a universal, all-pervading reality is seen from the fact that it pervades the body as a whole; therefore, it is infinite in scope, without parts, unproduced, incapable of destruction and, therefore, eternal.

The Sutra says:
a. The ascending life-breath [Prana],
b. the descending life-breath [Apana],
c. the closing of the eye-lids [Nimesa],
d. the opening of the eye-lids [Unmesa],
e. life [Jivana],
f. the movement of the mind [Manogati],
g. and the affections of the other senses [Indriya-antaravikarah],
h. and also Pleasure [Sukha],
i. Pain [Duhkha],
j. Desire [Iccha],
k. and Volition [Prayatna]
are marks [Lingani] (of the existence) of the Soul [Atman].

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