Monday, September 26, 2011

Vaisheshika - 09 - Manas

Then what about Perception, Memory, Conscience and Will?

This necessitates another higher level of subtle Reality - Manas or Mind or Mental Plane.

The necessity for postulating this Reality arises from the fact that we observe on occasions that the Atman, which is all-pervading, does not perceive an object even though the object is in contact with
the sense-organ which is the instrument of perception by which the Atman perceives. This is especially common when we are deeply engrossed. Similarly for memory.

In the Sutras it is described as follows:
"The appearance and non-appearance of knowledge [Jnana], on account of the Soul [Atman] with the senses [Indriyas] and the objects [Arthas] are the marks (of the existence) of the Mind [Manas]."

Atman (Soul) is the basis of all experience, while Manas (Mind) is only an instrument for experience; but there must be as many Manaiisi (Minds) as there are Atmanas (Souls); therefore, they are infinite in number.

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