Sunday, September 11, 2011

Vedanta - 01 - Introduction

vedAnta was founded by bAdarAyaNa. It is an inquiry into the nature of the Ultimate Principle (Brahman).

Vedanta aims to show that there is only one Ultimate Reality which presents itself to the sense as an illusion (mAyA). It shows that the universe with its various forms is only an appearance and that all things are but different manifestations of one and the same.

Three related schools of thought developed from the vedAntasUtra
i. advaita or non-dualism founded by shaMkara (~8th century C.E)
ii. vishiShTAdvaita or qualified non-dualism founded by rAmAnuja (~11th century C.E)
iii. dvaita or dualism founded by madhva (~12th century C.E)

Advaita contends that there is only one Ultimate Principle and phenomenal existence is an illusion or like a projection.
Vishishtadvaita contends that there is only one Ultimate Principle but in the objective world it has a dual manifestation.
Dvaita beliefs in a separation of Ultimate Principle and Spiritual Principle.

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