Monday, September 12, 2011

Vedanta - 02 - Shankara

shaMkara founded the Advaita Vedanta (monism) where he contends that there is only one Ultimate Principle and everything else is an illusion (mAyA). His thesis was based on firm logic and not any other means like intuition.

He founded four mathas/ monasteries
i. Sringeri in Mysore
ii. Puri in Orissa
iii. Dvarka in Gujarat
iv. Badrinath in the Himalayas

His important texts were:
a. commenaries on the prasthAnatraya
b. vivekachUdAmaNi
c. upadeshasahasrI
d. AptavajrasUchI
e. Atmabodha
f. mohamudgara
g. dashashloki
h. aparokShAnubhUti

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