Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Vedanta - 03 - Ramanuja

rAmAnuja, a famed Vaishnava leader founded the Vishistadvaita or Qualified Dualism, where he contends that there is only one Ultimate Principle but that souls or Spiritual Principle are also real although their existence is tied to the Ultimate Principle. According to him, in the end there is only the Ultimate Principle, but during the period of manifestation, the world and souls are separate in order to serve the Ultimate Principle.

His life was dedicated to the study and spread of the Vaishnava cause and during his lifetime he restore many temples and converted many to Vishnavism.

His important texts were:
a. shrIbhAshya - commentary on Vedantasutra
b. vedAntasAra
c. vedArthasaMgraha
d. vedAntadIpa

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