Saturday, September 17, 2011

Vedanta - 07 - Atman and Maya

Atman is identified with Purusha - it is the Supreme Spirit which serves as the instrumental cause of the manifest world. It is formless, action-less, changeless, and without the power of agency.

Maya (delusion) is the dividing force in nature, the finitising principle, that which measures out the immeasurable and creates forms in the formless. It is not a substance but only a means of operation. It conceals the real and projects the unreal.

Maya is identified with Prakriti, Universal Matter, for it exists as the material cause of the Unieverse. In equilibrium state, Universal matter is called Prakriti, but in first motion it is known as Maya. When Maya operates on mind, it is called Avidya (ignorance in the spiritual sense). It is the subjective aspect while Maya is the objective aspect. Maya is that force in the consciousness of individuals that produces the phenomena of illusion.

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