Monday, October 3, 2011

Samkhya - 06 - Purusha, Prakriti

The Universe has two aspects - an umanifest eternal aspect and a manifest universe in which we live.

The Unmanifest Eternal apsect or the Univesral Fabric itself has two aspects - the Universal Spirit or Unmanifest Universal Energy and the Universal Matter.

The unmanifest Universal Spirit or Cosmic Spirit is known as Purusha (puruSha) which is the most subtle aspect of Spirit. The unmanifest Universal Matter or Cosmic Substance is known as Prakriti (prakRRiti) which is the most subtle aspect of universal energy. Both of these aspects exists in close relation to each other and cannot exist independently. They are eternal, unmanifest, beyond perception and are also the Uncaused Cause.

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