Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Samkhya - 07 - Gunas

Prakriti is the Cause of the manifestation of the Manifest Universe and Purusha is the seat of Universal Consciousness which the witness to Manifest Existence.

When Prakriti manifests it goes through three steps:
a. creation
b. maintenance
c. involution
Therefore for each of these there must be some constituent which would account for the diversified objects of nature. These are the three Gunas, which are like strands or strings.

Sattva guna is the cause of equilibrium. Rajas guna is the cause of motion and change. Tamas guna is the cause of resistance. These gunas inhere in Prakriti in a tightly coiled state and come into play by specific activations during the process of creation or involution.

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