Sunday, October 9, 2011

Yoga - 03 - Chitta, Buddhi, Ahamkara, Manas

Chitta or Mind is the first birth of consciousness and is associated with awareness. Chitta is divided into three categories in accordance with their functions - they are intelligence (buddhi), ego (ahamkara) and mind (manas).

Buddhi is the seat of intelligence, the intuitive capacity of the individual, his means of direct perception. When manas registers objects, buddhi discriminates, determines and recognizes.

Ahamkara is the first manifestation of individual consciousness, personal position, individual identity. It is the Individualized Self that arrogates to itself the experience had by manas and passes it on to buddhi to be determined.

Manas is the seat of responsible conscious activity and accounts for the process of rationalization. It works in association with the knowing senses (gYAnendriya-s) and working sense (karmendriya-s), and can perceive but cannot conceive like buddhi.

The principle of the indriya-s, tanmAtra-s and bhUta-s are the same as Samkhya and have been discussed in detailed in previous posts.

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