Monday, November 28, 2011

Classical Sanskrit Literature - 05 - First Development Phase - Works of Kalidasa

The first development phase of classical Sanskrit literature is associated with Kalidasa. This is the beginning of the phase known as the "Golden Age of Classical Sanskrit literature."

Kalidasa (kAlidAsa) lived around 4th century C.E is is regraded as the greatest poet and dramatist in the Sanskrit language. His plays and poetry are primarily based on itihAsa-s and purANa-s.

1. kumArasambhava
2. raghuvaMsha, based on Padma Purana
3. meghadUta
4. RRitusaMhAra

1. mAlavikAgnimitra
2. vikramorvashiya
3. abhiGYAnAshakuntalam

Attributed to Kalidasa but doubtful
1. pushpa vAna vilAsa
2. shRRi~NgAratilaka

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