Friday, November 18, 2011

Tantra - 06 - kosha

Tantra divides the human body into five planes (kosha) each more subtle than the previous:
1. annamaya - the gross body which subsists on food
2. prANamaya - the vital plane of life breath
3. manomaya - the mental plane
4. viGYAnamaya - the plane  of Consciousness
5. Anandamaya - the plane of supreme bliss

The imagery generally used with the koshas is that of sleep:
1. In deep sleep, the Anandamaya kosha is what stands between the finite world and the Self
2. viGYAnamaya is associated with organs of perception - when somebody is about to wake up, it comes in between the Anandamaya and the finite world
3. manomaya - the separation of I and mine - when somebody is waking, the manomaya plane causes the separation of I and mine.
4. pranamaya kosha - that which makes one realize that he is alive - he exists
5. annnamaya kosha - the awake state

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