Sunday, November 20, 2011

Tantra - 08 - chakra and kuNDalinI

The human body is thought to consist of 6 nerve-plexuses, or centers of spiritual energy.

1. mUlAdhAra (4 petals) - located in the lowest part of the spinal cord
2. svAdhiShThAna (6 petals) - above the mUlAdhAra but below the navel
3. maNipurA (10 petals) - in the navel
4. anAhata (12 petals) - in the heart
5. vishuddha (16 petals) - in the neck
6. AGYA - (2 petals) between the eyebrows

Kundalini is the vital energy, in the form of a coil, located at the mUlAdhAra. It is believed to be a latent energy existing in a potential state (Shakti). One of the key goals of a sAdhaka is to convert this latent kunDalinI (awaken the serpent) and to cuase it to move upwards along the sushumnA nADI and passing through the six chakras to reach the crown of the head where Shiva resides (sahasrAra padma).

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