Thursday, July 12, 2012

Kalivilasa Tantra


Chapter 1
Lord Shiva as Sadyojata answers Devis question as to which Tantra is uitable for Jambudvipa in the current age.

Chapter 2
Lord Shiva as Aghora describes mantras that may be used by shudras.

Chapter 3
Lord Shiva as tatpuruSha and later in the chapter as Shrideva explain further rules for the

Chapter 4
a. Lord Shiva as Ishana expounds the importance of Pashu Bhava as compared to Divya Bhava and Vira Bhava. He mentions restrictions on eating meat and drinking wine.
b. Shiva mantra is dsicussed
c. Importance of Guru is discussed

Chapter 5
a. A strotra on the 1000 names of Goddess Kali is given
b. 22 syllable Trailokyamohanaya Kavacha is given

Chapter 6
The theme of Pashu Bhava is continued.

Chapter 7
General discussion on Puja, non-importance of yantra, Vasihnava Achara, worship of Shiva Linga

Chapter 8
Pranayama and Sanketa (Devata)

Chapter 9
Pranayama and Sanketa (Devata)

Chapter 10
100 names of Bhuvaneshvari

Chapter 11
100 names of Mahatripurasundari

Chapter 12
100 names of Tara

Chapter 13
100 names of Bhairavi

Chapter 14
Modes of worship

Chapter 15

Chapter 16
100 names of Bagala

Chapter 17
100 names of Matangi

Chapter 18 to Chapter 22
Puja of:
a. Kartikeya
b. Jaya
c. Vijaya
d. Ganesha
e. Lakshmi
f. Sarasvati
g. Durga

Chapter 19
Worship of buffalo

Chapter 20
Worship of Saraswati and Durga

Chapter 21
Mantra of Mahishamardini

Chapter 22
Mantra of Mahishamardini continued

Chpater 23 and Chapter 24
Birth of Krishna from Kali

Chapter 25 to Chapter 29
vijas and their dhyanas
a. kAma vija
b. mAyA vIja
c. rAma vIja
and so on ..

Chapter 30
Discusses time of doing Bodhana of Durga

Chapter 31
Dhyanas of vIjas

Chapter 32 to Chapter 34
Stotras and Kavachas

Chapter 35
A conversation between Krishna and Kali


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  2. Can i have english pdf of this tantra?