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Shrautasutra (Sanskrit: श्रौतसूत्र , Bengali: শ্রৌতসূত্র ) texts are a special class of Vedic literature which give us information of Vedic sacrifices known as Yajna. Sharautasutra belong to the Vedanga section of Vedic literature and are based on the Shruti tradition.

Vedanga are auxiliary texts which help explain the meaning of the Vedas. There are 6 Vedangas, of which the second is Kalpa, of which one type of Sutra are the Shrauta Sutras.

Shrautasutra texts are a functional manual for priests and provide the methodology of various Yajna rites.

Important Shrautasutra works are as follows.
  • Apastamba Shrautasutra (Sanskrit: आपस्तम्ब श्रौतसूत्र , Bengali: আপস্তম্ব শ্রৌতসূত্র )
  • Ashvalayana Shratasutra (Sanskrit: आश्वलायन श्रौतसूत्र , Bengali: আশ্বলায়ন শ্রৌতসূত্র)
  • Baudhayana Shrautasutra (Sanskrit: बौधायन श्रौतसूत्र , Bengali: বৌধায়ন শ্রৌতসূত্র)
  • Bharadvaja Shrautasutra (Sanskrit: भारद्वाज श्रौतसूत्र , Bengali: ভারদ্বাজ শ্রৌতসূত্র)
  • Katyayana Shrautasutra (Sanskrit: कात्यायन श्रौतसूत्र , Bengali: কাত্যায়ন শ্রৌতসূত্র)
  • Satyashadha Shrautasutra (Sanskrit: सत्याषाढ श्रौतसूत्र , Bengali: সত্যাষাঢ শ্রৌতসূত্র )
Baudhayana Shrautasutra
The Baudhayana Shrautasutra belongs to the Krishna Yajur Veda Taittiriya school and represents the oral lectures delivered by Baudhayana.

Ashvalayana Shrautasutra
In the Ashvalayana Shrautasutra there are many sacrifices of which the 5 main yajnas are:
  • homa yajna
  • ishti yajna
  • pashu yajna
  • soma yajna
  • satra yajna

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