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Purpose of Hindu Philosophy

purpose of Hindu Philosophy

In this post I will talk about the purpose of Hindu Philosophy.

As a religion Hinduism is very tolerant and quite different from intolerant and closed religions like Islam and Christianity. They have one book and one prophet and almost no philosophy so to speak, except for pre-Christian Greeks.

Hinduism is like an ocean with hundreds of prophets, thousands of books and philosophy. In all this vastness, people get confused as to the purpose of Hindu Philosophy.

1. The purpose of Hindu Philosophy is the removal of sorrow and sufferings.

As per all schools of Hindu philosophy, the cause of sorrow and sufferings is ignorance. When one is ignorant of the true nature of things, he is strapped in an illusion, similar to a fly caught in a spider's web.

Purpose of Hindu Philosophy Escape Sufferings Photo Courtesy: geograph

In order to remove sorrow and suffering, one must acquire knowledge of the true nature of things.

2. The purpose of Hindu philosophy is to provide a scientific framework using which one can understand and experience ultimate reality.

Purpose of Hindu Philosophy Scientific FrameworkIn other religions like Christianity and Islam, only one person can know the Ultimate Reality. So apart from Jesus and Muhammad, nobody else can know the Reality. They must accept whatever has been handed to them via their One holy book, the Bible or Koran.

If anyone Christian or Muslim says that they have become One with God,  he will be beheaded or ostracized.

The purpose of a Hindu is to become one with the Ultimate Reality. A true Hindu does not care about prophets, he wants to become a prophet.

3. The purpose of Hindu Philosophy is to provide a practical guide for spiritual aspirants to move up the value chain.

Lesser folks have their blind faiths and daily Pujas and sacrifices and offerings and temple visits.
Slightly more advanced people have their Pujas and japams and meditations.
Advanced Hindus have their meditations (dhyanam) and yoga.

My way or the high-way (heaven wards) say the Christians and Muslims. To each his own, we Hindu says.

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