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Divodasa I

Divodasa I दिवोदास দিবোদাস

Divodasa I (Sanskrit: दिवोदास , Bengali : দিবোদাস ), the king of Kashi, was the son of Bhimaratha, and was an important early member of the pre-Buddhistic Kashi dynasty. He established the city of Varanasi.

Bhadrashrenya (Sanskrit: भद्रश्रेण्य , Bengali : ভদ্রশ্রেণ্য ), the king of neighboring Haihaya kingdom, seized the kingdom of Divodasa I.

Divodasa I managed to recover the kingdom from Bhadrashrenya’s sons. Durdama, the son of Bhadrashrenya re-occupied Divodas I’s kingdom.

Divodasa I was therefore a contemporary of Bhadrashrenya and Durdama. He was succeeded by his brother Ashtaratha (Sanskrit: अष्टरथ , Bengali : অষ্টরথ ).

Reference/ Further Reading
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