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What is The Advaitist?

My name is Subhodeep Mukhopadhyay and The Advaitist is a website which explores unexplored facets and infrequently discussed aspects of Hinduism.

Why should I follow The Advaitist?
Hinduism is a vast religion spanning varied cultures from north to south and east to west of India, and even outside India.

Reason #1 to read The Advaitist
The Advaitist - Balinese Hindusim
Image Courtesy: Rediff

Places like Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam were all once under Hindu influence. Indonesian Sanskrit Pandits were famous for their Sanskrit and Vedic prowess. However, Indonesian Hinduism is in the verge of extinction given the rapid Islamization of Indonesia. The Advaitist will talk about south-east Asian Hinduism.

Reason #2 to read The Advaitist
In historic times there were numerous Hindu colonies in far flung places like Egypt, eastern Iran and Greece. The Advaitist will talk about all these.

Reason #3 to read The Advaitist
The Advaitist - Hindus in Afghanistan
Image Courtesy: NY Times

Hinduism along with Buddhism were dominant religions in Islamic Afghanistan and what is today the terrorist state of Pakistan. The Advaitist will talk about the Hindu history and culture of those places. 

Reason #4 to read The Advaitist
Most Hindu websites focus on either South Indian practices, or West Indian practices and some may focus on North Indian Hindu culture. However, Hindu culture of Eastern Indian and North-eastern India is not talked about enough.

We should remember that before the Islamization of eastern British India, places like Pundravardhana (northern Bengal) and Kamarupa (Assam) were important seats of Vedic learning. Today Pundravardhana is no more a Vedic seat of learning, being a part of Islamic Bangladesh, while Assam is slowly on its way to Jihadification. However, the religion and culture continues to exist on the lives of people.

The Advaitist will also talk about Hindu Culture as has been prevalent in West Bengal, Islamic Bangladesh, Tripura, Assam, Manipur and Meghalaya.

Reason #5 to read The Advaitist

The Advaitist - Tantra Agama
Tantra pervades all aspects of our life. Yet we either misunderstand or have very poor idea of what Tantra Shastra is.

For example, Puja or daily worship is a Tantric concept, as opposed to Yagya which is a Vedic concept. Yet many ignorant people deride Tantras.

The Advaitist will talk about Tantra, Mantra Shastra, Darshana and other philosophical aspects of Hinduism starting from Nasadiya Sukta of Rig Veda to Navya Nyaya of Bengal.

The Advaitist is a website on Hinduism focusing mainly on unexplored facets of Hinduism. 

If you want to contact me or if you have any comments please reach out to me at benny.ya@gmail.com.

The Advaitist is about unexplored facets of Hinduism.

Thank you.

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