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Divodasa II

Divodasa II दिवोदास দিবোদাস

Divodasa II (Sanskrit: दिवोदास , Bengali : দিবোদাস )  was the son of Sudeva and the grandson of Haryashva. They belonged to the royal family of the Kashi Kingdom. In an earlier post I had talked about his ancestor Divodasa I.

Haryashva fought with the Vitahavya branch of Haihayas at the confluence of the Ganga and the Jamuna, and was killed in battle. His son Sudeva was also defeated in battle.

His son Divodasa II retreated and build a new capital at the confluence of the Ganges and the Gomati. The Haihayas defetaed Divodasa II and rove him out of the city.

Divodasa II took refuge with his purohita who belonged to the priestly Bharadvaja family. Divodasa II’s son Pratardana, finally defetaed the enemies, the Vitahavyas.

Divodasa II was thus a contemporary of Vitahavya and a Bharadvaja purohita.

Reference/ Further Reading
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